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Q: What do the Chiefs fans chant when they score a touchdown?
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What is an ec dub?

EC Dub is a famous chant performed by the fans of ECW. The chant is ECW in a fast motion.

Will you be fine by giving a touchdown ball to fans on the stand?


What does Big Jock Knew means and why do Rangers fans chant it?

it means that he knew

What did Eagles fans chant to TO at his first game at Lincoln Financial Field as a Cowboy?


Why do the Canadian fans chant ole' ole' ole?

It originates from the word "Woo-hoo!" in french.

Why do the Canadian fans chant ole' ole' ole'?

It originates from the word "Woo-hoo!" in french.

Which NFL franchise has the worst fans?

Definitely the Chiefs. They suck almost as bad as the Royals.

Why is kc chiefs mascot a wolf?

The rabid fans from the old Colliseum were "The Wolf Pack"

In a Ranger game you some times here a fan start a whistle chant then you here the crowd chant at the end of the fan whistleing What are the fans saying?

Their chanting Potvin sucks! Potvin was a player that used to play for the islanders.

Who was The first girl cheerleader to ever start cheering?

cheering was started by a group of friends that went in front of a group of fans and did a chant.

Where did the kaiser chiefs get their name from?

The Kaiser Chiefs got their name from The South African football Team, The Kaizer Chiefs. They used this name because The Kaiser Chiefs are from Leeds and are big Leeds United Fans. An Ex-Player who played for them was a south African called Lucas Radebe. He was The bands favourite player and before he played for Leeds, he played for The Kaizer Chiefs

What do the Montreal Canadian fans cheer when they score a goal?

Say Laboo