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they usually wear swimming trunks, a swimming cap and a pair of goggles.

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Q: What do swimmers wear when they go swimming?
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What you wear on eyes when you swim?

Many swimmers (in a pool) wear swimming goggles.

Why do swimmers wear swimsuits?

... because it will be hard to wear baggy clothes swimming genius!!!

What do you need to wear to go Olympic Swimming?

You need to wear your swim suit, swim cap and goggles. There are also some Olympic swimmers that also wear a nose clip.

How many people regularly go swimming in Germany?

loads of swimmers in geremanygo swimming more than England loads of swimmers in geremanygo swimming more than England

What do swimmers do when they reach the end of the swimming pool?

go back or get out , its simple

Do swimmers wear a jock cup?

Most swimmers just wear Speedo or Speedo-like swimming suits. Some swimmers wear a "swimmers jockstrap" too. A "swimmers jockstrap" has a narrow 1-inch waist-band, which is smaller than the standard 3-inch waist-band of a standard jockstrap. The narrower 1-inch waistband will not reveal the jockstrap as much and the jockstrap waist-band will stay under the swimming suit. However, male swimmers who want to show a bigger "package" may chose to wear a cup-jockstrap under their swimming suit to enhance their masculine appearance. But they don't really need the protection of a cup when they are swimming. So it is all a mater of personal preference.

What is something that makes swimming swim faster?

Swimmers can wear fins/flippers, and paddles to assist in speed.

What is swimming trunks?

swimming shorts that boys wear to go swimming

What are the release dates for Swimmers and Swimming - 1925?

Swimmers and Swimming - 1925 was released on: USA: 1 February 1925

What should male swimmer wear?

Most male swimmers wear swimming trunks that are long. There are also some men that prefer to wear speedo swim trunks.

How do swimmers stay in shape?

By swimming

What do swimmers think about swimming?

That it is fun

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