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swimmers,experience,towels,goggles and spare pear of clothes

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Q: What do swimmers need?
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Why do swimmers need carbohydrates?

Carbs give you energy, and that's what most swimmers need to swim many laps.

Why do swimmers need reaction time?

swimmers need a good reaction time because they need to time then to come of the block and enter the water

Do swimmers need reaction time?

swimmers need a good reaction time because they need to time then to come of the block and enter the water

Do swimmers need power?

swimmers do need power so when it comes to competing they can get a better place than if they were slow.

Do tigers need to have water to swim in?

No, but they are strong swimmers.

How tall do Olympic Swimmers need to be?

6"1 feet

What do swimmers need in their daily diet?

AnswerSwimmers need a balanced diet, including vegetables, legumes, fruits, and whole grains. They should avoid junk food.

Why do swimmers need flexibility?

So when they start to swim there not so and can swim

What are the things you need in swimming?

A pool or water area, swimmers, a towel

Can you go swimming with swimmers ear if you use ear plugs?

no, this wouldn't be smart because you need to get swimmers ear treated right away, use ear drops

Things that need to be synchronized?

Clocks,watches,traffic lights,dancers,swimmers,fireworks.Hope this helps :)))

What do swimmers eat for breakfast lunch and dinner?

A lot. Competitive swimmers burn through a lot of calories and need to eat great amounts of food. Specifically though, it varies depending on the individual, but I imagine foods high in carbohydrates would be common in most swimmers diets.

Why do swimmers need to swim faster?

you just need to have confidence and cup your hands when you swim move your legs as fast as you can and that should do it.

What percent of swimmers drown?

Almost no swimmers drown. It is usually the non-swimmers that drown.

Do swimmers need balance?

Unless they're on the very edge of a diving board, I don't think they do. Yes, swimmers benefit from having a good sense of balance. They need to be acutely aware of their own position in the water, in the pool and in relation to other swimmers, whilst constantly moving their head to breathe. This can only come from an innate good sense of balance, which is essentially controlled from the inner ear.

How many swimmers in the 2012 Olympics?

There were 900 pool swimmers, and 50 open water swimmers.

Do swimmers need coordination?

yes. because if they don't have coordination, they couldn't execute a stroke properly. . .

Why do swimmers need cardiovascular endurance?

it allows them to swim for a long period of time without fitigue

What state has the most swimmers in the US?

If by swimmers you mean who has the most registered master swimmers, than its California.

What is collective noun for swimmers?

The collective noun for 'swimmers' is a raft of swimmers.

What do swimmers need to stay healthy and strong?

They need what most people need, and its good for them to eat lot's of protein, and usually eat quite large meals, and obviously they need to work out.

Are German Shepherd dogs good swimmers?

They are very talented swimmers and if they could be they could be a professional dog swimmers!!

How much money do Olympic swimmers make?

How much do professional swimmers make? How much do professional swimmers make?

What is the BMI for swimmers?

There's really no average BMI for swimmers. All swimmers have different heights, weights, and builds.

Can a dog get swimmers ear?

yes it can get a swimmers ears