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The compressed air buildes up pressure in the tank and when you pull the trigger a valve opens up and forces the paintball out the barrel.

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.68 caliber paintballs at 8-10 balls per second on mechanical markers, and around 15 with electric markers.

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Yes it will

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Q: What do spyder paintball guns shoot?
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Is spyder the best brand of paintball guns?

No, spyder is an entry level company.

What is the official spyder paintball website?

You can purchase a Spyder Paintball gun directly from the Spyder Paintball website. There are also options for new or used Paintball guns on eBay. There is a wide variety to choose from.

What is EYE on spyder paintball guns?

the eye is not specific to a is in all decent guns. it is a infra-red light that is in the chamber where the paintball is ready to fire, it senses when it's beam has been broken and it only allows the gun to shoot when the ball is all the way in the gun...this makes chopping paintballs a thing of the past.

Which is better an ak47 paintball gun or a spyder paintball gun?

There is no "ak-47" paintball gun. there are many companies that make guns that are styled after the Kalashnikov series rifles. On the same note, Spyder makes several models of paintball guns, which vary from beginner "wallmart guns" to decent enough middle classed markers.

Where could one buy Spyder paintball guns?

You can buy Spyder paintball guns anywhere on the internet. It is good to purchase from stores that sell outdoor equipment such as Sporting Goods or Dicks Sporting. You can also try Amazon or Ebay.

Can spyder MR1 paintball guns use liquid CO2?

Yes, infact it is recommended.

What is the difference between paintball guns and bb guns?

Nearly everything. Paintball guns are fired through the use of air or CO2. Also they shoot only paint. bb Guns shoot pellets, and look completely different then most paintball guns.

What type of rails do spyder paintball guns have?

It depends on the Model, but most have 7/8 weaver rail.

Can a paintball gun shoot re balls?

Yes, reballs were made to be shot out of paintball guns.

What is 3skull on a paintball gun?

3skull is a company that makes aftermarket parts for tippmann, spyder and smart parts guns.

How do you shoot a paintball gun?

On most if not all paintball guns you would have to pull the trigger with the safety off.

Is gas paintball guns better than electric?

all paintball guns run on gas. some have electric triggers so they can shoot faster.