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Soccer athletes are quite lightly in comparison to other games of similar physical nature. They only wear their kits - shirts and shorts, boots and shin pads.

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Q: What do soccer athletes wear?
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What sports do the athletes usually wear shorts?

Soccer, basketball, rugby, volleyball, tennis.

Name a sport in which the athletes don't wear a lot of clothes?

Basketball Swimming volleyball Soccer Tennis Wrestling Boxing

What kind of shoes use cleats in them?

Athletes wear cleats on baseball and soccer shoes to provide extra traction on wet or slippery surfaces. The cleat also facilitates a rapid change in direction which is important in the game of soccer. There are round, bladed and hard ground cleats used by athletes in the game of soccer.

What did the athletes wear?


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What sports has the largest percent of spanish athletes?


What do the athletes in the modern Olympics wear?

sports wear

Who were the famous athletes in ancient Greek and what did they wear?

athletes would be naked.

How many professional athletes are there in Mexico?

including Soccer players?

How does friction affect the sport of soccer?

it allows the athletes to run

Are there defenders in soccer who wear Adidas f50 soccer cleats?

YES!! The ADIDAS f50 cleats were made as soccer cleats therefore soccer palyes wear them as soccer cleats!!

What did they ancient athletes wear in the Olympics?


What colours do Australian athletes wear?


Which athletes wear earguards and singlets?


What types of shoes do athletes wear?


Who is an Australian athletes?

viduka, he is football,soccer player for Newcastle and Australia

What famous athletes are from Honduras?

Rhonaldio is from Honduras. He is famous for soccer/football.

Are soccer players better athletes than basketball players?

it is an oponion

Who are three famous soccer athletes?

david beckman, ronaldinho, Pele

What do Olympic athletes wear to compete?

What they wear depends on what events they are competing in. Most athletes wear modern athletic attire that can include warm up suits, shorts and tanks.

Are there any famous athletes in soccer?

There are so many world famous athletes in soccer. Players like MESSI, CRISTIANO RONALDO, ROONEY, GARETH BALE, DAVID BECKHAM are hugely famous.

What do soccer players usually wear?

soccer jersey, soccer shorts, soccer socks, shinguards, and cleats.

Why are soccer players not the highest paid athletes in the world?

While the very top few of the highest-paid athletes are not footballers, many of them are.

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