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jock straps

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Q: What do rounder officials wear?
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What do rounder players wear in a game of rounders?


What do badminton officials wear?

they wear bows and mows

Why do volleyball officials wear white sneakers?

to Show they are officials, and benders. and mate, its trainers not sneakers

What is the device officials wear on their belt?

The device that officials usually wear on their belt is a battery pack for the lavaliere microphone that they wear on their shirt collar. This battery pack has an on and off switch for when they need to address the crowd about their rulings.

What do rounders officials wear?

jock straps

What do the officials in badminton wear?

They have to wear a specific white polo shirt with black pants.

Why do NFL officials wear numbers?

they feel like it!

What do the officials in volleyball wear?

black pants, white shirt

What are the roles of umpires in rounders?

The official doesn't take scores, that is the one of the jobs for the players. The umpire looks for no balls and faults and if he thinks there is a fault he will call. When a rounder or a half-rounder is scored the umpire shouts 'half rounder' or 'rounder' if scored.

What do table tennis officials wear?

dark suitable clothing hahaha

What is a rounder's son by lagston Huges?

A rounder is an expert player who travels around to seek out high-stakes games. When Hughes says "rounder's son," he means a gambler's son.

How many umpires are there in a game of rounders and what are they called?

there are 2 umpires in a game of rounders. Their correct name is OFFICIALS There are two officials in a game of rounder's and one stands on the batting line to check for low/high balls and the other one stands just behind 2nd post to check for wide balls.

What did government officials wear in ancient Egypt?

Robes of linen and beads and sandals.

What do swimming officials wear?

They wear white pants. They also have a White collared shirt with the logo of a swim club or something. They also usually wear their official credentials.

What kind of padding do ice hockey officials wear?

they wear pads, knee pads, a helmet, and a batman suit under all of this.

Who is the no1cricket all-rounder?

I think sir ian botham is the no.1 cricket all rounder

When was The David Grisman Rounder Record created?

The David Grisman Rounder Record was created in 1976.

Who is the best all-rounder in test cricket?

Michael clark is the best all rounder in test cricket .

Who is the best all-rounder in Indian cricket?

The best all rounder of Indian cricket is kapil dev.

What do the score keeper do in rounders?

The Scorekeeper writes down the score everytime someone get a rounder or half rounder

What does rounders mean in baseball?

Rounder's in baseball means rounding or running the bases. Rounder's, however, is also the original name for baseball. The game of rounder's was created in England back in the 1500's. In 1744, the game was rechristened as baseball. The concept of rounder's and baseball is the same with slight variations on the measurements of the infield and outfield.

How do you tally the score in rounders?

well, there are four bases. so if you manage to get to second base you get half a rounder. if you get to the fourth base then you get the full rounder. you can also get half a rounder if the bowler throws 3 no balls consecutivley

Why do penguins have larger rounder bodies?

Penguins have larger rounder bodies because it pevents losing heat faster

Is captain of Pakistan cricket team is all rounder player?

Yes Shahid Afridi is an all rounder player...........

Which is rounder an orange?


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