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Q: What do pitchers do?
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Why are pitchers called southpaws?

left handed pitchers are called southpaws, not all pitchers in general

How many pitchers on team?

their should be at least 5 pitchers on a team [5 starters]. But you can have up to 15 pitchers.

Where do pitchers warm up?

the pitchers warm up in the bullpen

What was molly pitchers cows name?

Molly Pitchers cows name was Blossom

Can you change pitchers in the middle of an at bat?

yes you can change pitchers anytime you want

Who throws harder pitchers or outfielders?

Pitchers throw harder... by a little bit.

When was Los Pitchers created?

Los Pitchers was created on 2009-08-04.

How are the pitchers chosen for the MLB All-Star Game?

Pitchers are chosen by the manager of the team

What are Pitchers and torches in the Old Testament?

Pitchers concealed the torchers and were made of earthern clay

How tall is a little league pitchers mound?

I was wondering how high the pitchers mound was in little league?

Why do pitchers receive gold gloves?

Pitchers have to field there position, just as everyone else on the field.

What Milwaukee Brewer pitchers pitched 1-hit games?

CC Sabathia is one of the pitchers.

How many pitchers of 1500 can hold 30 liters?

If the pitchers are 1500 ml, then it takes 20 of them

How many pink hospital pitchers should one consume daily?

None. Pitchers are not consumable.

In the bullpenn what position is that?


What is a pitchers count?

A pitchers count is when the pitcher is leading the count and not the batter he is facing. (ex. If the count is 1-2 it would be a pitchers count because there are more strikes then balls.)

Who was Molly Pitchers role model?

Molly Pitchers were/are role models. Although, they did not have any role models known. Molly Pitchers we ladies that carried water out to the soldiers in battle.

What was Molly Pitchers real married name?

Mary Ludwig was Molly Pitchers real married name.

What is pitchers and torches?

pitchers are jars that people use to use to hold their what a torch is a light carried by hand.

How many pitchers are in MLB?

There are 30 teams in MLB and each team carries 11 or 12 pitchers. That would make between 330-360 pitchers on active rosters in MLB.

Where can glass pitchers be purchased?

Glass Pitchers can be purchased online from Amazon, Tesco Direct, or John Lewis. A good place for glass pitchers and other kitchenware at a good price is IKEA.

How many home runs did MLB pitchers hit in 2010?

16, all by National League pitchers. Yovani Gallardo of the Milwaukee Brewers led all pitchers in home runs with 4.

How many pitchers have hit a grand slam?

three pitchers Felix Hernandez, Chris Carpenter and Madison Bumgarner.

How do you measure the height of a Little League pitchers mound?

Heighth difference from top of homeplate to the top of the pitchers rubber.

How many pitchers in a baseball team?

Generally there are 12 pitchers on the 40 man roster for a major league team.