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they need clothes and an helmet and shoes and other stuff that i do not know. You are welcome.

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Q: What do olympic riders have for cycling equipment?
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What is the equipment and outfits used in Olympic cycling?


Do you Capitalize all words in the phrase Olympic cycling team?

Yes. It should be Olympic Cycling Team.

What is the world record for olympic cycling?

There's no sensible single answer to that, as there are several different kinds of olympic cycling

Which Olympic sport involves riding bicycles over a long distance?

It is the sport of Olympic cycling. Long distance races include road cycling and cross-country cycling.

Is Olympic cycling a team sport?

cycling in the Olympics is individual and a team sport.

What Olympic game is cancelled compare to last Olympic games?


What are the cycling uniform made of?

For road riders, mainly lycra.

Is Cycling played professional?

Yes, there are professional bicycle riders.

Is cycling an Olympic sport?


What equipment is needed for cycling?

The equipment needed for cycling includes a bike. You will also need the proper work out clothing to exercise in.

What Olympic sports start with R?

Road cycling is a summer Olympic sport. Rowing is an Olympic sport.

Who hosted the Olympic 2012 cycling?

The Olympics

What does poursuivants mean in cycling?

Followers, chasers. Riders trying to catch up.

What is the olympic sport that Britain is best at?

swimming and cycling

In track cycling do the riders cycle around the track in a clockwise or anti clockwise direction?

In a track cycling the riders cycle around the track in a anti clockwise directionTrack cycling (on a velodrome or banked bicycle racing oval) is always counter-clockwise, turning left. This is the standard direction for racing throughout the world. -

Where will the olympic 2012 track cycling event be held?

At London

What is the olympic cycling arena called and how big is the track?


What country has won the most medals in Olympic cycling?


What equipment is needed for Cycling in the Olympics 2008?


When did bicycling become an Olympic sport?

Cycling has been competed since the first Modern Olympic Games in 1896 in Athens.

How old do you have to be to enter Olympic track cycling?

20 yrs old

What is the approximate distance for the womens Olympic road cycling race?


What are the rules for olympic track cycling?

cannot get off the bike xx

Who were the members of the 1976 US Olympic cycling team?

Kenny Fuller

How long is the road cycling race at the Olympic games?

250 km