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Male gymnasts have six events which are vault, high bar, floor, rings, parallel bars and the pommel horse.

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Q: What do male gymnasts use in gymnastics?
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What musles do you use for gymnastics?

You need all your muscles for gymnastics. Male Gymnasts need more upper body strength than leg stength, while female gymnasts need a combination of the two

Which sport has Pommel horses?

Gymnastics. Usually it's the male gymnasts who use it (NEVER seen a female gymnast use one...)

Does gymnastics have friction?

Yes that is why gymnasts use the powder on their hands.

Faces of gymnastics program?

The faces of the gymnastics program often is the gymnasts. How the gymnasts perform will reflect on the gymnastics facility.

Who are Filipino contributors in gymnastics?

the filipino gymnasts are the contributors in gymnastics!!! :)

What is the plural of gymnastics?


Who is involved in gymnastics?

Anyone can be involved in gymnastics, the people who compete in gymnastics are called gymnasts.

Which of these is an event in both men's and women's gymnastics?

Their are two events that are the same in women's and men's gymnastics. The first is Vault and the second is the Floor Exercise. There are different regulations and skills that are performed by male gymnasts and female gymnasts, but the basics are mostly the same and the vault is the event that is the closest in relation between men and women's gymnastics.

Do male gymnasts use back walkovers?


What do you call the people that compete gymnastics?


Who are people who do gymnastics?

They're called gymnasts.

What do you call people that play gymnastics?

People who do gymnastics are usually called gymnists.