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now then from many experiences have i had to taste a camels hump. Especially in I'm a celebrity get me out of here for i was the camera man. Now then for what they actually taste like they taste like a cross between a babooons bum (arse) and a babys nappy when there is no no's in there (poo). Any way further more i declare that camels humps are 100% edible and if i owned AA restraunt i would definitely put them on the menu and recommend them to all of the customers. But BEWARE!!!!! i highly think that they are unsuitable fro kiddy widdy winkies under the age of 114!! they are tooo aciDIC and they remind them off nunga nunga's (a.k.a boobies.) bye bye peepps. if you want to find out more please go to

what are beetles?

what do apples smell like?

what does angels hair smell like?

thankyou and farewell NOSY GOLD FISH

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They taste like chocolate GO AND EAT CAMELS

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dates,grass,wheat and oats

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Q: What do camels humps taste like?
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Why are camels humps big?

because they like eating houses and once camels ruled the earth

Where do penguis get water?

They have humps like camels they can store there water in

Why does camels have two humps?

Only Bactrian Camels have two humps, and dromedaries have one but I know that they store fat (not water) in their humps

Why is there fat inside a camels hump?

because if they had no fat in camels humps they would not have humps and then they would be horses.

Do camels have humps because they are lazy?

No. they have humps to store water.

Do camels have humps?


Do camels grow humps?

They don't grow humps, they are just born with them

Why do camels use humps?

they won't them

How do camels get energy?

They get energy from their humps.

How are camels adapted life in the desert?

camels have humps to store fat

Does a bactrian have two humps or one hunp?

Bactrian camels have 2 humps

Is it true that camels can carry water in their humps?

Nope. Humps are fat, not water,