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In the ancient Greek Olympics the athletes won olive wreath crowns.

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Q: What do athletes in the ancient Olympics win?
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Who was the first person to win the Olympics?

The ancient Olympics athletes names are not known to us today.

Who were the ancient Olympics athletes?

The athletes of the ancient Olympics were young Greek men.

How were the athletes of the Ancient Olympics trained?

the god of olympia trianed the athletes so they were ready for the olympics

What did they ancient athletes wear in the Olympics?


What did the ancient athletes uses in the Olympics?


How many athletes were in the ancient Olympics?


who did athletes compete for in the ancient Olympics?


What did the ancient athletes compete for at the ancient Olympics?

Food and love mainly.

What is the diet of athletes in the ancient Olympics?

Diet coke

What did the athletes wear when competing in the ancient Olympics?


Who were the first athletes in the ancient Olympics?

Ahmed Ahmed

Who won the most in the ancient Olympics?

The better athletes.

What prizes do athletes get when they win the Olympics in olimia?


How did the Athletes of Ancient Greece train for the Ancient Olympics?

They did a ten month work out sesion

How much does the Olympics mean to athletes?

The Olympics mean every thing to the athletes, win or lose. They train with a crazy amount of effort and hope. They are the best at what they do.

Why is ancient Olympics based of of amateur athletes?

There were no professional sports.

Where did the athletes come from in the ancient Olympics?

The Greek city-states.

How did the ancient greek athletes prepare for the Olympics?

they went to the loo

How did most of the athletes perform in Ancient Greek Olympics?


What did athletes wear in the ancient greek Olympics?

Nothing. They were nude.

What did athletes wear in ancient Greece Olympics?

They competed naked.

Why do athletes take part in the Olympics?

Because they can win medals!

Do athletes win only medals at the Olympics?

They also win fame and world wide recognition

How were the athletes in the ancient Greece Olympics trained?

By a person , it was alot to be trained.

What were the athletes rewarded with at the ancient Olympics?

an olive wreath an olive wreath