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It all depends on how good of a player you are.

You could make as little as 2 million dollars all the way up to 87 million dollars. Plus you could make more than 87 million dollars!

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Q: What do USA national soccer player make or team salary?
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How much does Clint dempsey make?

Clint Dempsey is an American soccer player who serves as the captain for the national team. He made an eight million dollar salary in 2013.

How much does a pro soccer player in Costa Rica make in salary?

Professional soccer players in Costa Rica do not make as much money as other professional sports players in the US. On average they make around $1,000 a month.

Salary for a player of the Italian national team?

When considering a career a person should know the money that may or may not be made. A person can make up a $3.44 million salary as an Italian National Team player.Ê

How much money do pro softball players make?

How much does a Professional Softball player make a year?The average salary is between $7,500 and $15,000 for the summer. The National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) has a very very modest salary cap.

What is the average salary for a professional New Zealand men's soccer player?

Since soccer is more popular there, the players will usually make more. It is estimated that players in New York $7 million so those in New Zealand make about the same if not more.

How much does a Professional Softball player make a year?

The average salary of a player in the National Pro Fastpitch league (NPF) is between $7,500 and $15,000 per summer.

Did Tom felton make the national soccer team?


How much do soccer players in Argentina make?

The amount of money any other athlete in Argentina will make.

How much does an soccer player make?

It depends how good the player is.

What is the average salary for a NBA player in 2007?

Too Much... in comparison to other professional sports.

How Much Money does Soccer Make?

Footballers salary have gone over the roof.Some make 150,000 pounds a week.

Why would you like to be a soccer player?

I would like to be a soccer player because I will make money while playing my favorite sport. ?@.<tQQtav>.@?