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Q: What do Olympic swimmers eat beforethey swim?
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Do jaguars eat fish?

thy are very good swimmers so they can swim in the water and catch the fish soo

Why do dolphins swim so fast?

Dolphins swim fast because they need to be able to catch their prey. The fish that dolphins eat are very fast swimmers.

What do back swimmers eat?

back swimmers eat small bugs.

What do swimmers eat?

usually lots of pasta and foods that are high protein they eat pasta because it is high in carbs and proteins and they eat power bars zone bars and cliff bars and during swim meets they have honey because it is fast carbs and calories so they can swim there best

What food groups should swimmers mostly eat?

Mostly swimmers should eat Italian food like pasta, ravioli, lasagna, ratatulie, or something alomg the lines. Maybe add a couple of fruits and vegetables and supplements. Carbohydrates is a must and energy drinks before and after a swim.

What foods do swimmers eat?

Swimmers should eat a lot of carbohydrates. After practicing, they should eat proteins. This helps their body to recover.

What are the functions of a shark?

Sharks eat and swim, eat and swim, eat and swim.

What would you eat if you were an olympic diver?

Olympic divers/ swimmers have a very hard job, and most of these professional athletes practice from 6-12 hours a day so its important to eat lots of calories and carbs. actualy, some divers even eat up to a whomping 30,000 calories a day!

Why do swimmers eat so much?

Swimmers exercise. When you exercise, your metabolism boosts up. Higher metabolism causes you to eat more.

What is a description of typical day for a goldfish?

Swim, Eat, Swim, Eat, Poop, Swim, Eat,Poop....

What would you do if you were a fish?

Swim, eat and eat and rest and swim and then eat and so on.

Where do a shark eat?

in the water. they preay on innocent swimmers

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