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Play well

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Q: What do I need to do so I can play for NJIT's baseball team?
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Do you need a licensing for baseball?

no do you do not need to have a licence to play baseball unless your a coach or a youths team

Do freshman baseball players play on the juniors baseball team?

Yes freshmen players can play on the JV or Varsity team. If the Coaches need a player . But remember its Coaches discussion to bring a player up or not

If you play on a varsity baseball team can you play on another baseball or travel team?

yes. I currently do this now

Can you play with eight players on the field in baseball?

no you need 9 players to field a team

What state do the Indians baseball team play?

The Cleveland Indians play baseball in Ohio.

What baseball team does the Montreal play on?

There is no professional team in Montreal that I know of.

Can a baseball player play high school and still play in a league?

No. IF you are on a high school baseball team you can have nothing to do with your travel baseball team until the high school season has ended.

When does the visiting team become the home team in baseball?

When they play on their own field.

How much experience do you need to play junior college Baseball for a division 3 team?

I think that you need to be pretty good for collage baseball… I think it doesn't matter how much experience, I think that it's about how talented u are at baseball.:)

What baseball team did carl mazes play for?


What team does the Dogers play for?

Los Angeles for baseball

What team did torii hunter play for in the world baseball classic?

Torii Hunter didn't play for any team in the 2006 and 2009 World Baseball Classic games.