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A dash ( - ) in Bowling is a symbol indicating that no pins were knocked down.

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Q: What do - mean in bowling?
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What does four mean in bowling?

A four in bowling means you knocked down 4 bowling pins.

What is pot bowling?

Pot bowling in tenpin bowling is when you are bowling for money. It may mean bowling against another player or a team against a team for an amount of money.

Whats CG mean in bowling?

In bowling, CG stands for Center of Gravity and is the area of a bowling ball that is the heaviest.

What does a bowling handicap mean?

A bowling handicap resulted with you average, The higher you average is the Lower the Handicap.

What does off peak mean in bowling?

In bowling, off peak typically refers to the bowling season no longer being active. Peak season is when the bowling season is active and leagues are playing.

What does boules mean in french?

bowls (for bowling)

What does a red dot mean on a bowling ball?

On a bowling ball, the red dot can be a weight. They put weights on bowling balls to throw a curve ball.

What is the mean absolute deviation of the bowling scores?

This question cannot be answered unless the bowling scores are provided.

What is a good name for a bowling alley?

A good name for a bowling alley is Pinnicle.Here is a good name for a bowling alley: Thunder stike bowling. I mean come on, who wouldn`t want to visit a place called that. I'd love to.

What does the diagonal line mean in ten pin bowling?


What does this ditloid mean 10 pb?

10 Pin Bowling

Who might own a peace sign bowling ball?

Anyone that is interested in bowling and anyone that is a hippie might have a peace sign bowling ball. This does not mean that this person is a hippie, it just means that they -might- be.

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