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He was welterweight champion from 1946 to 1951, and 5 time middleweight champion from 1951 through to 1960.

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Q: What divisions were Sugar Ray Robinson champion of?
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What weight classes did Jake LaMotta fight in?

LaMotta was rated in the middleweight and light heavyweight divisions and was the World Middleweight Champion between 1949-1951. He beat Marcel Cerdan for the title and lost it to Sugar Ray Robinson.

What country is Sugar Ray Robinson from?

Sugar Ray Robinson was born in Georgia U.S.A.

What was Sugar Ray Robinson's original name?

Sugar Ray Robinson's original name was Walker Smith Jr.

What was Sugar Ray Robinson's birth name?

Sugar Ray Robinson's birth name was Walker Smith Jr.

What is the birth name of Sugar Ray Robinson?

Sugar Ray Robinson's birth name is Walker Smith Jr..

What is Sugar Ray Robinson's race?

sugar ray Robinson (real name, walker smith jr) was born in ailey, Georgia USA.

What was Sugar Ray Robinson kids name?

Sugar Ray Robinson had 2 Sons. 1) Ronnie Smith (born in 1939) 2) Ray Robinson Jr (born in 1949)

What masonic lodge was Sugar Ray Robinson a member of?

Sugar Ray Robinson belonged to Joppa Lodge #55 NY PHA.

Who was sugar ray Robinson's first wife?

Edna Mae Robinson

Is sugar ray Robinson dead?


How many brothers and sisters does sugar ray Robinson have?

Sugar Ray Robinson had three sisters he was the youngest

What actors and actresses appeared in Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Charley Fusari - 1950?

The cast of Sugar Ray Robinson vs. Charley Fusari - 1950 includes: Charley Fusari as himself Sugar Ray Robinson as himself Walter Winchell as Himself - Ring Announcer