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University of Miami

University of Florida

Florida State University

University of Central Florida

University of South Florida

Florida Atlantic University

Florida International University

Florida Gulf Coast University

Stetson University

Jacksonville University

University of North Florida

Florida A&M University

Bethune-Cookman College

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Q: What division one baseball colleges in Florida?
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What is division one baseball?

The most likely answer is the Division I of the NCAA, which is one of three divisions of colleges and universities based on several factors.

What colleges are Division I for baseball?

You can find the listings in a number of places. Here is one I know about:http:/ luck.

What are colleges in Florida that have lacrosse?

Many colleges in Florida have club teams, FSU, UF, and USF. The first NCAA division one school is Jacksonville University who will be playing there first season in the fall of 2010.

What colleges are located in Florida?

There are quite a few colleges that are located in different areas of Florida. The University of Florida is one of these colleges.

Do division one colleges have several cheer leading squads?


How many division one college football teams in Florida?

7 Division 1-A and 3 Division 1-AA1-A: Central Florida, Florida, Florida State, Florida International, Florida Atlantic, Miami, South Florida1-AA: Bethune-Cookman, Florida A&M, Jacksonville

What division 1 schools in Florida have women's soccer program?

UF is a division one school FSU is a division one school those are two major schools in Florida that have womens soccer

What is the difference between Division 1 and Division 2 baseball?

Division one has way better players and teams then Division 2 baseball

What colleges in Florida offer online degrees?

"Almost all colleges offer distance learning plans in one form or another. In Florida, the Florida State University and the University of West Florida offer distance learning programs with online classes."

What is the real name fo division 1?

It's called Division One but there are a different thing you can call it , sometimes I call them 'Major Colleges '

Which colleges in Florida offer student credit?

All state universities except for new colleges participate in the student credit program in Florida. The credit can transfer from one university to another.

Where can one apply for medical assistant programs in Florida?

There are several colleges in Florida that offer a medical assistant program for certification. Broward College, Miami Dade College and Southwest Florida College are three colleges that offer the program.

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