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The Chicago Bears are an American football team from Chicago, Illinois. They are members of the National Football Conference in the North division.

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Q: What division do the Bears play in?
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What division do the Chicago Bears play in?

The Chicago Bears play in the NFC Norris North division.

What division does lions bears and packers play in?

The Lions, Bears, Packers (and the Vikings too) play in the NFC North.

Is Missouri state division 1 in college football?

The Bears play Division 1-AA football in the Missouri Valley Football Conference.

What nfl division are the lions bears and packers?

The lions, bears, vikings and packers are in the NFC north division

What region do the Chicago Bears play in?

If you're asking what division they play in, it is the NFC North. If you're asking where they play geographically, that would be in the city of Chicago... thus the name.

What was the name of the Chicago Bears old division?

The Bears were a member of the NFC Central division until the NFL realigned in 2002.

What sport do The Bears play?

The Bears as in the Bears from IL play American Football.

What is the division of a play?

An act is a division of a play, and a scene is a division of an act.

What conference do the Green Bay Packers play in?

The NFC North The Packers are part of the NFC North Division in the NFC Conference. They are in the same division as the Minnesota Vikings, Detroit Lions, and Chicago Bears.

How do baby polar bears play?

Baby polar bears play with their sibling and with their parents. Polar bears love to play with each anther.

What division do the Raiders play in?

The Raiders play in the AFC West division.

What state does the Chicago Bears football team play in?

The Bears play in Chicago, Illinois.

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