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What coach in Division II football has the most wins?

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Q: What division II coach has the most wins?
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What is the salary of a ncaa division II assistant football coach?

I made 42,000 min Midwest for 2007-2008.

Winningest basketball coaches Division II and III?

By total number of wins: Division II - Herb Magee, Philadelphia University Divison III - Glenn Robinson, Franklin and Marshall College

What are college head volleyball coaches salaries?

What is the average salary for a head volleball coach that is coaching at the division II level?

Has there ever been an ncaa college basketball coach to win a championship in division I II and III?

No i dont thank there has ever been

List division 2AA colleges in football?

NCAA Division II has no subdivisions like Division I does. So there is no Division II-AA, or, of course, II-A.

How many division II schools are there?

There are 295 Division II Schools.

Who is the winningest coach in NCAA women's volleyball?

BY VICTORIESCoach, Team Current Div. Years Won Lost PctNCAA division I - Larry Brock, NavyNCAA division II Tracy Rietzke, Rockhurst

Football coaches with most wins NCAA?

Top 10 All-Time Winningest NCAA Football Coaches1.) John Gagliardi -- 484 Wins*Carroll College (NAIA) -- 24 WinsSt. John's University (NAIA, NCAA Div. III) -- 460 Wins *All Wins at Carroll and some Wins at St. John's earned while in NAIA, not NCAA; still officially counted toward total NCAA wins count2.) Eddie Robinson* -- 408 Wins**Leland College (NAIA) (now Grambling State University) -- 3 WinsGrambling State University (NAIA, NCAA Small College Division, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division I, NCAA Division I-AA) -- 405 Wins *All-time winningest NCAA Division I Coach **All Wins at Leland and 75 Wins at Grambling State earned while in NAIA, not NCAA; still officially counted toward total NCAA wins count3.) Bobby Bowden -- 377 WinsHoward College (now Samford University) -- 31 WinsWest Virginia -- 42 WinsFlorida State -- 304 Wins4.) Paul "Bear" Bryant -- 323 WinsMaryland -- 6 WinsKentucky -- 60 WinsTexas A&M -- 25 WinsAlabama -- 232 Wins5.) Glen "Pop" Warner -- 319 WinsGeorgia -- 7 WinsCornell -- 36 WinsCarlisle -- 114 WinsPittsburgh -- 60 WinsStanford -- 71 WinsTemple -- 31 Wins**IMPORTANT NOTE: Joe Paterno was 2nd all-time NCAA winningest coach and 1st all-time NCAA Div. I winningest coach with 409 Wins at Penn St. prior to NCAA punishment removing 111 Wins from 1998-2011 as punishment for Jerry Sandusky child abuse scandal. Paterno officially ranks 7th all-time on NCAA Coach Wins list with 298 Wins.

When was the last time division I lost to a division II?

In football, Division II programs rarely, if ever, play Division I-FBS programs. Each year, a handful of Division I-FCS (I-AA) schools lose to a Division II opponent. In basketball, Division II schools beat Division I schools annually, but most of the Division I programs are "low major" programs, meaning they are weak teams in weak conferences. The last "shocking" loss in basketball was in November, 2007 when #8 Michigan State lost at home to Division II Grand Valley State, 85-82 in double overtime.

What college has won the most NCAA Division II baseball championships?

That record is held by the university of Tampa Fl with coach Lelo Prado who took the job at Louisville and now coaches at the University of South Florida.

Are Division 1-AA and Division II the same?

No, Division I-AA and Division II are totally different. Division II schools are generally small and don't have the athletic budgets that Division I and I-AA schools have. Currently in football, a Division I-AA school may have 63 players on scholarship (Division I is allowed 85) where a Division II school is allowed 36 players on scholarship.

What division II school has the most over all championships?

Northwest Missouri State

How can you play division II football?

Most Division II football programs are scholarship programs, offering up to a maximum of 36 full equivalent scholarships. The top programs in Division II recruit high school and junior college players, just like Division I schools. Smaller, less successful Division II programs have many "walk on" players, taken from open tryouts on campus for the existing student population.

What division is university of Tampa for sports?

NCAA Division II.

How many schools are there in division II in the NCAA?

Currently there are 282 either full or provisional members of Division II.

When was ECAC Division II Lacrosse League created?

ECAC Division II Lacrosse League was created in 2012.

When was IIHF World Championship Division II created?

IIHF World Championship Division II was created in 1961.

Who was the Oakland Raiders head coach in Super Bowl II?

John Rauch was the Oakland coach in Super Bowl II. He was Oakland's head coach for the 1966, 1967, and 1968 seasons.

Has there ever been a football coach who won a national championship at both division 1 and division 2?

This question is difficult to answer, given the "mythical" national championship in Division 1-FBS (I-A) and the fact that Division 2 was only organized in the 1970s (previously known under different names, including "college division"). There have been coaches to win national titles at both the FBS and FCS levels (Jim Tressel being the most recent, having won at Youngstown State and Ohio State), but there are no verifiable instances of a coach winning a D-II and D-I-FBS title since Division 2 was officially chartered.

What is the most wins in a NCAA baseball season?

NCAA Division I -- 73, Wichita State 1982 (14 losses) NCAA Division II -- 61, Kennesaw (Ga.) State 1998 (5 losses) NCAA Division III -- 59, Marietta (Ohio) College 1981 (5 losses) NAIA -- 73, Oklahoma City, 2007 (7 losses)

What division II schools offer softball?

There are nearly 300 division II schools and a significant number of those offer softball.

What are the release dates for Division - 2011 II?

Division - 2011 II was released on: USA: August 2011 (Wilmington, North Carolina)

When was NCAA Women's Division II Basketball Championship created?

NCAA Women's Division II Basketball Championship was created in 1982.

Meiosis II is identical to?

reduction division

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