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Q: What disease does muhammid Ali have?
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Is muhammid ali dead?


Who did muhammid ali lose to?

george forman

Is Muhammid Ali a hero?

Is Muhammad Ali a hero? He was and still is the peoples CHAMP.

Does Muhammid Ali have althsimers?

no, just parkinsons syndrome.

What was muhammid Ali goals?

his goal was yo be the greatest black boxer

How did muhamm ad die?

Muhammid ali died of septic shock

How old was muhammid ali when he started boxing?

Probably around 10. but turned professional at 18.

How is muhammid ali a hero to Americans?

He standet for what he belives he figthed to end segreagation and was a role model for young black Americans

Does Muhammad Ali Have Lou Garrison disease?

no ali has parkinsons disease

What is more famous Lady Gaga or Muhammad Ali?

Lady Gaga she is an international singing phenomenon she has many fans, Muhammid Ali is a boxer and is known by many men but if you asked a girl if she knew who he was the answer would always be no

What is the disease that Muhammad Ali has?

Parkinson's Disease.

What disease did muhammed Ali die from?

Although suffering from Parkinson's disease, Muhammed Ali is, to my knowledge, still alive.

Is Mohammad ali dead?

No, Mohammad Ali is still alive with a disease.

When was Ali diagnosed with Parkinson's disease?

Muhammad Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson's in 1984.

What illness does Muhammad Ali suffer from?

mohammed ali suffers from parkinsons disease

Does Muhammad Ali have Alzheimer's disease?

Muhammad Ali suffers from Parkinson's Syndrome.

What disease did Muhammad Ali suffer?

Muhammad Ali suffers from Parkinson's syndrome.

What disease does muhmmad ali have?


How much training did muhammid do?

two two

What is the disease of Parkinson's?

Parkinson's disease is very dangerouse to have Muhammad ali suffers from it

When did Muhammad Ali get parkinsons disease?

He got diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1984.

What disease does Muhammad ali have?

he is suffering from Parkinson

What ilnness does muhammed ali have?

Parkinsons disease

Does Mohammad ali have alzheimer's disease?


Did Mike Tyson ever spar with Muhammad ali?

No as Ali has parkinson disease of the hands it is not possible.