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Because it was origanly called Baseball and they needed a ball so they called it a baseball!!

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Q: What did they use a baseball in baseball?
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What do baseball players use to catch the baseball?

A baseball glove

What ball use in baseball?

a baseball? Are you ok?

What Kind of ball did the cullen's use in baseball?

A baseball.

Intended use of a baseball bat?

To hit a baseball.

Can you use wooden bats in high school baseball?

yes you may use a wooden bat in high school baseball in fact that is the only bat they you can use in baseball. cork bate are illegal in baseball .

Why do you need to use a baseball in a baseball game?

Because the game is called "Baseball"

Can you use a baseball bat to play softball?

You can use a baseball bat but it would be harder to hit the ball

What bats do they use in aau baseball?

In AAU baseball they use exo's,stealth's,combat's,omaha's,........etc.

Why do baseball players not use a softball?

Because of the size of the field that baseball is played on, the use of a softball would be irrational.

Are composite baseball bats legal in Baberuth baseball?

Yes, you can use them.

Why is American baseball called baseball?

because you use bases. and a ball.

What is the etymology of the baseball?

You use bases.

What do baseball catchers use?


What sports use umpires?


How do you play baseball in your house with out a bat or a baseball?

You use a sock and roll and up it into a ball with a rubberband.For the bat you use your hands!

How was baseball first use?

Baseball was first used in the United States in the 1860s.

What can you use a baseball bat for?

You use a base ball bat for hitting

What should you use to have baseball cards signed?

I would use a sharpie

What is a bat use for during baseball?

You use a baseball bat when you have to hit a ball. You have to also swing it to make the ball move when you are practice.

Do baseball catchers use different baseball gloves than the pitcher?

Yes, they use a catchers mit, its wider with more room.

Why don't they use aluminum bats in Major League Baseball?

Professional baseball rules require the use of wooden bats only.

Do baseball players use the on deck circle?

Baseball players do use the on-deck circle and they use it to prepare for their at-bat. Some players just stand there and do nothing, but this is not the purpose.

What sports use an astro pitch?


What bat does Richard Levi use?


What kind of sports use a bat?