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my daghro

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Q: What did they traded and who they traded with?
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If the pueblo Indians traded what did they get for what they traded?

they traded for corn and stuff like that

What trades have happened since the NBA draft?

Jimmer Fredette was traded to the Kings, Bismack Biyombo was traded to the Bobcats, and Stephen Jackson was traded to the Bucks. Marshon Brooks was traded to the Nets, Andre Miller was traded to the Nuggets, and Raymond Felton was traded to the Trail Blazers. Kawhi Leonard was traded to the Spurs, Tobias Harris was traded to the Bucks, and Jordan Hamilton was traded to the Nuggets. JaJaun Johnson was traded to the Celtics, Norris Cole was traded to the Heat, and Bojan Bogdanovic was traded to the T-Wolves. Justin Harper was traded to the Magic, Chandler Parsons was traded to the T-Wolves, and Jeremy Tyler was traded to the Warriors. Davis Bertans was traded to the Spurs, Josh Harrellson was traded to the Knicks, Chuckwudiebere Maduabum was traded to the Nuggets, and Targuy Ngombo was traded to the Trail Blazers.

What is a surplus traded by Mesopotamia?

Glass was traded as a surplus. They traded it for stone and wood

Can the spikey eared Pichu be traded?

Yes, it can be traded. Every Pokemon can be traded. Pokemon can be traded even if they have already been traded. No Pokemon is stuck with one person.

Where are pork bellies as traded on the stock exchange?

Pork Bellies are not traded on a stock exchange. They are traded on a futures exchange. They are traded on the CME.

Who traded with Canada?

canada traded with china

What was traded in ancient china?

what was traded in china

What did the Mojave traded?

what did the mohave indians traded

Who traded with the Powhatan?

They traded with JOHN SMITH

What people traded in southern Africa?

They traded guns

Who traded with China in the 19th century?

they traded with the west

What are the items that the Ghana traded?

they traded gold and silver

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