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They won 5. then lost a couple...played football

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Q: What did the cowboys do at the Super Bowl?
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Who won a Super Bowl first the cowboys are the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Cowboys. The Cowboys first Super Bowl win was Super Bowl VI and the Steelers first Super Bowl win was Super Bowl IX.

Who was the Super Bowl quarterback for Cowboys in Super Bowl XII?

The Cowboys quarterback was Roger Staubach.

How did the Dallas Cowboys score in the 1994 super bowl?

how did the Cowboys score in the 1994 super bowl

Who has more Super Bowl wins cowboys or giants?

Cowboys.Through Super Bowl XLIII, the Cowboys have 5 Super Bowl wins and the Giants have 3 Super Bowl wins.

How many times did the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl?

The Steelers defeated the Dallas Cowboys twice in the Super Bowl. They won Super Bowl X and XIII. The Cowboys won Super Bowl XXX.

Who quarterbacked the cowboys in Super Bowl v?

Craig Morton quarterbacked the Cowboys in Super Bowl V.

What Super Bowl cowboys beat bills?

The Cowboys beat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVII (1993) and Super Bowl XXVIII (1994).

What was the lowest scoring Super Bowl with the Cowboys?

The lowest score by the Cowboys was in Super Bowl V: Colts 16, Cowboys 13 The lowest total score was in Super Bowl VI: Cowboys 24, Miami 3

Dallas Cowboys super bowl losses?

Super Bowl V- Dallas Cowboys vs. Baltimore Colts. ---Cowboys(13)--Colts(16) Super Bowl X-Dallas Cowboys vs. Pittsburgh Steelers. ---Cowboys(17)--Steelers(21) Super Bowl XIII-Dallas Cowboys vs Pittsburgh Steelers.---Cowboys(31)--Steelers(35)

What Super Bowl did the Cowboys win first?

The Cowboys first Super Bowl win was in Super Bowl VI when they defeated the Miami Dolphins 24-3.

What is the name of the Cowboys' opponent in Super Bowl IV?

The Cowboys did not play in Super Bowl IV. They did play in Super Bowl V and lost to the Baltimore Colts.

Who have the cowboys lost in the Super Bowl to?

The Cowboys have lost in the Super Bowl to the Baltimore Colts once and to the Pittsburgh Steelers

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