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They were naked and only men could compete or watch the games.

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Q: What did the Athletes in the first Olympic games wear?
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Related questions

What did the first olympic athletes wear while competing?

the first olympic athletes wore tunics made from Silk

What did the athletes in the ancient olympic games wear?


What did the athletes wear in the Olympic games?

They wore the olympic gear such as : Trainers, Shorts and t-shirt.

What do athletes wear in modern Olympics?

Athletes wore clothing emblazoned with official sponsors' logos such as Adidas, Reebok, Nike and Puma - the Games was fully commercialised. At the Barcelona Olympic Games in 1992, futuristic style body suits were first introduced to show off the superfit bodies of the athletes.

What do athletes wear in modern olympic games?

hi my name is daisy and the answer is for girls trainers shorts and t- shirts

When did Olympic athletes start to wear clothes?


What did the ancient olympic athletes wear?

nothing (They competed in the nude.)

What did the competitors wear when the Ancient Olympic games first started?


What do Olympic athletes wear to compete?

What they wear depends on what events they are competing in. Most athletes wear modern athletic attire that can include warm up suits, shorts and tanks.

What kind of clothing did the Greeks wear for the Olympics?

In the early days of the Olympic games only men took part it was very common for athletes too be naked.

What did olympic athletes wear when they competed in ancient times?

They competed naked.

What kind of workout bottoms do Olympic athletes wear?

Olympic athletes have long since formed an opinion about their equiptment, and their tastes vary widely. However, most athletes wear clothes with "moisture transport" which wicks perspiration from the skin to the air so that you stay drier. This also cuts down on odor.

What do runners wear in Olympic games?

olympic gears

What did they wear in the Olympics?

The original Olympic athletes competed completely in the nude. Some athletes wore a thin leather strap as a penis restraint called a kynodesme.

What did they wear in the 1st Olympic games?

i think they were naked

Who participated in the olympic games and what did they wear?

They competed naked

What did the ancient Olympic Games judges wear?

The judges will wear a royal purple robe.

Which brand of sprinting shoes do the Olympic athletes wear?

The brand varies depending on the athlete but there ar a lot of olympic athleates that wear the Nike Zoom. The main focus when deciding on shoes for sprint running should be a shoe that is light weight and comfortable.

What do soccer athletes wear?

Soccer athletes are quite lightly in comparison to other games of similar physical nature. They only wear their kits - shirts and shorts, boots and shin pads.

What sneakers did Michael Jordan wear during the 96 olympic games?

Michael Jordan did not compete in the 96 olympic games. He was retired from basketball at this time.

What did competitors of the ancient olympic games wear?

Nothing, they were in the nude.

What do Olympic snowboarders wear when snowboarding?

They will wear a "Uniform", the 2010 Vancouver games uniform was designed by Burton...

What did they wear in ancient greek olympic games?

Nothing - they competed naked.

What did the first athletes wear while competing?

Depends on when in history you think the first athletes appeared. In ancient Greece nude and oiled up was the most common sports dress.

Was Steve Prefontaine the first to wear Nike shoes?

Hard to say. The first Nike shoes were distributed to athletes that were competing in the US Olympic Track & Field Trials in 1972. Since those trials were in Eugene, Oregon, and Steve Prefontaine was one of those athletes (and went to the Summer Olympics in the 5000 meters), then we can assume that it wasn't just him that wore Nikes. He was however the first major track athlete to actively endorse and use them.