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Nothing. They competed nude.

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Q: What did the Ancient Greek athletes wear?
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Who were the famous athletes in ancient Greek and what did they wear?

athletes would be naked.

What did athletes wear in the ancient greek Olympics?

Nothing. They were nude.

What did the the Ancient Greek athletes wear on their heads after winning?

this is what they wore after they had won

What do the athletes wear in the ancient greek times?

they wore white bid cloth and wraped it on there selfs

Who were the ancient Olympics athletes?

The athletes of the ancient Olympics were young Greek men.

Why didn't ancient Greek wrestlers wear clothes?

All athletes contested naked, so too did the wrestlers.

What do athletes in the ancient Olympics win?

In the ancient Greek Olympics the athletes won olive wreath crowns.

What did they ancient athletes wear in the Olympics?


What did the the Ancient Greek athletes wear in the Olympics?

clothingI TOLD YOU :lNakedness.

What did the athletes wear when competing in the ancient Olympics?


What did the athletes in the ancient olympic games wear?


What do the athletes wear in ancient Greece?

They competed naked.

How did thongs benefit the athletes in ancient greek times?

it had a spin

Where did the athletes come from in the ancient Olympics?

The Greek city-states.

How did the ancient greek athletes prepare for the Olympics?

they went to the loo

How did most of the athletes perform in Ancient Greek Olympics?


What were the names of the ancient Greek Olympic athletes?

poo nanny

How did the ancient Greek feel about the athletes?

the athletes were an important part of greek culture to be an athlete in Greece you had to train about 8 hours a day.

What were the ancient greek olnpic winners given?

The Greek athletes were given wreaths on their heads.

What did the ancient olympic athletes wear?

nothing (They competed in the nude.)

What did the ancient judges wear?

Naked like all the athletes.

What did athletes wear in ancient Greece Olympics?

They competed naked.

What uniform or costume did the Athletes wear in the Greek Olympics?

They wear clothes that are very slick

How did the athletes dress for an event in the ancient Olympic Games?

They didn't. Greek athletes competed naked.

Who completed in the ancient olympic games?

Male athletes who were Greek citizens.