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Running away from the Spaniards

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Q: What did tha mayans do for sports?
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What sports did the Mayans play?

The Mayans Played the deathly Ball Game and Pok-A-Tok

What is tha date of sports day?

They All Start on Seasons Like Fall , Summer, ETC .

What were the Mayans good at?

Building really big things, sports and ripping the hearts out of people to please the gods.

Why should athletes get paid more?

Becuz u to phat to play profesinal sports! ...and tha entrtain me

What do the Mayans wear?

the mayans wear clothing

What did Mayans do with money?

The Mayans did not have money.

What did the mayans did for fun?

the mayans played pok-a-tok.

What type of games or sports do the visually impaired participate in?

The visually impaired can play many sports. one popular is visually impaired softball. the ball emits a high pitched sound tha the players can use to determine its location

What did the Mayans house look like?

The Mayans had adobe houses with thatched roofs. The Mayans had to build slowly.

What is the birth name of Antonio Mayans?

Antonio Mayans's birth name is Mayans Hervs, Jos Antonio.

What did the Mayans live in?

the mayans live in mexico.

Where did the Mayans settle?

the Mayans settled in peten

What weather did the Mayans have?

The Mayans had hot weather.

Did Mayans have terraces?

why did the mayans build terraces

Who did Mayans trade with?

with other groups in the Mayans

Were did the Mayans go?

The Mayans turned into Mexicans

Where did the mayans settled?

the Mayans settled in peten

Did the Mayans have totem poles?

yes Mayans did have totem poles

What was the climate where the Mayans lived?

Well the Mayans lived an a tropical region so therefor the mayans lived in the Jungle

How many alphabets did ancient Mayans have?

The ancient Mayans didn't use alphabetic writing. Mayans used hieroglyphics.

How did ancient Mayans meet their social needs?

The women would usually cook and for sports and entertainment, people played and watched the ancient ball game. They're written language was hieroglyphs.

When was Do tha' Do tha created?

Do tha' Do tha was created on 2007-11-21.

When did the Mayans all die out?

The Mayans are alive and well.

Are the Mayans preserving the past?

the mayans are not preserving the past

How did Mayans communicate?

The mayans had a writing called the hieroglyphs.