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Q: What did kids get hit with in the olden days?
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What were the schools built with in the olden days?


What is the difference between modern and old student life?

1. when kids were naughty in the olden days they got hit with a cane. newer days kids get detention 2. most schools dont have uniforms today all had uniforms in the olden days 3. school was really strict in olden days (slouching/eating/talking/work/neatness) stuff like that. today school is way laid back

What were braces made out of in the olden days?

There was wooden dentures for kids then and they where nailed into there teeth

What were women called in the olden days?

To cook and clean at home take care of kids

Why do people hit there kids?

There are many reasons that people hit kids. In the olden days, parents were allowed to spank their children if they were being naughty. This was viewed as "okay" but we know today that it is not. Other people hit children because they are angry, so they take their anger out on them. This is called child abuse, and is not tolerated in society.

Was children's school in the olden days boring?

Yes because they were hit and they had stricter rules

Did the doctors have needles in the olden days?

yes they did have needles in the olden days

What were the shops like in the olden days?

what were shops like in the olden days

Where does child labor mostlyoccur?

most labor for a child was outside. and in the olden days there would be kids that were slaves and they did labor.

What did the people in the Olden-Days have?

Please define "olden days" because each time had different things. To some people 1950 is the "olden days".

Why was an oasis surrounded by walls in the olden days?

Why was an oasis surrounded by a wall in the olden days

How has bathtubs changed?

It has changed beacuse of size,color,shape and in the olden days kids had to sit in bowls to take a bath.