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Because the origins of the game are uncertain, no one really knows what the first soccer ball looked like. Read more here:

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Q: What did a soccer ball first look like?
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What did the first ever soccer ball look like?

It looked a lot like a volley ball.

What does a soccer ball look like?

A sphere.

What did the first basketball ever used look like?

The first basketball wasent an auctual basketball it was a soccer ball.

What did soccer look like when it first started?

In the early years of soccer it was the same but the ball was bigger and stronger they wore shorter shorts too.

What does a soccerball look like?

It a black and white ball used for soccer

Name some things that look like a sphere?

basketball, soccer ball are some things that look like a sphere.

How did the first soccer cleats look like?

my mom

How many pentagons are on a soccer ball?

On a soccer ball there are 12 pentagons and any practical number of hexagons that can make the soccer ball look spherical.

What did the first ball look like?


How do you do scissor kick a soccer ball?

first of i will look at the direction of the ball and secondly turn myself towards the direction of the ball and lastly take a bicycle kick.

What did the England soccer ball look like?

it looked alot like ours olny most were made of leater on the outside

Did the first soccer ball look different from the diamond-pattern one today?

yes of course it did it was made of leather

What is the best way to shield an opponent in soccer?

You have to look at the ball and the opponent's feet. First, you need to have experience. Then, read the feet.

What did the first basketball itself look like?

The very, very first basketball was actually a soccer ball. It was used and thrown into a peach basket (instead of a hoop) during gym class many years ago. This is how basketball was started. After that, there was manychanges made to the ball and the basket as well.

What does static electricity look like?

It look like a ball and it has a small ball inside

When you are kicking a soccer ball do you look at the ball?

yes, after looking at the goal, even professional players do it...look at the ball in the last moment to make sure where the goal is, and you don't fail the ball...xD

How did the first basketball ball look like?

11.4 inches diameter and the radius was 17

What does an equilibrium graph look like?

look like a ball

How do you sew a hollow sphere?

Take a look at a leather soccer ball, or a volley ball to pick up some clues

When playing soccer do you look at ball?

sort of. if you've played it before then you'll know

Objects that look like a hexagon?

A hexagon has six sides. Examples of objects that are hexagonal in shape include:Hex nutsHoneycombsThe white parts of a soccer ball

Why does Pluto look like a disco ball?

It dosent look like a disco ball, its a small round ball of ice...and its not a planet anymore.

Where did they get the word soccer ball?

The Jabulani was the 2010 World Cup ball. For more information, please look in the Related Links section.

What does a ball look like?

a circle

What does Ganymede look like?

a ball