What did World War 2 people play for sports?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Baseball when they could.

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Q: What did World War 2 people play for sports?
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What kind of sports did people play in World War 2?

killing and war games

Why did they play those sports during ww II?

People don't stop playing sports because there is a war on. They played sports for the same reasons they always did.

What type of sports would people play during the time of the Civil War?

they played baseball

Why did sports still play during world war 2?

because they werent affected were they were playing weither or not the were like the olympics oplayed juring the world war 2

How did world war 2 change sports?

During World War 2, a lot of professional athletes were surrounded by men and grew a liking to them. Some of the men that were straight didn't like the "gays" to be around them. So a lot of the men left the athletic career.

Do people still play call of duty world at war?


What sports did women play when men went off to war?

Very few sports were played. Everyone was centered on the war.

What kind of sports were played during World War 2?

baseball, and card games and whatever else ppl wanted to play.

Do people still play modern world at war in ps3 in 2012?


How many people play world of war craft each day?

to many

How were professional sports teams affected by world war 2?

Yes of course! The World Cup tournament stopped and all the wonderful players who were fit to play the tournament could not and as a result of the war some of them even died giving a bad name to football and other sports.

What sports were popular during World War I?

Sports during World War 1Amateur sports were played. Mostly football (soccer in the US). if you want more info about football during the war, research the 1914 Christmas truce...