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On May 6, 1954 Roger Bannister became the first person to run a mile in under four minutes. Bannister's time was three minutes and 59.4 seconds.

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Q: What did Roger Bannister accomplish on May 6th 1954?
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Roger bannister accomplished something on may 6th 1954 what did he do?

Sub 4 minute mile..

Who was the first person to break the four min mile?

Roger Bannister, who did it at Oxford University in England on May 6th 1954.

When was the first time someone beat the four minute mile?

Dr Roger Bannister at the Iffley Stadium, Oxford on May 6th 1954.

Who was the first person to run a 4 minute mile?

Roger Bannister, recorded the first sub-4 minute mile on 6th May 1954, as a medical student, retiring from competitive sport later that same year. Dr Roger Bannister became a prominent Neurologist. He was knighted, by Queen Elizabeth II in 1975.

When was the first person to run a mile under 4 min?

The first ever sub-four minute mile was run by Roger Bannister on May 6th, 1954.

Who ran the first sub 4 minute mile in 1954?

The two runners that paced Roger Bannister in the race were Chris Brasher and Chris Chataway. Click on the 'Video of the First Sub Four Minute Mile' link on this page to see a tape of that historic race.

Who was the most popular athlete in1954?

I can't attest to, if this athlete was the most popular sports figure of 1954, but has to be considered Sportsman of the Year because of his accomplishment in that time period. It was said that it was a milestone that would never been attained, but on the 6th of May 1954, British track and field sensation Roger Bannister ran the first recorded sub minute mile in 3.59.4 41 days later the first sub minute mile record was broken by Bannister's friend and fierce competitor, John Landy of Australia

When was the six minute mile run time barrier broken?

Roger Bannister was the first man to break the four minute mile. He did it in May, 1954 at a meet in England, I believe with a time of 3:59.4. He was running with others that also had the potential. I guess you could say that the conditions were just right for him to break the record.

What day of the week was August 6th 1954?

6th August 1954 was a Friday.

What day of the week was May 6th 1954?

May 6th, 1954 fell on a Thursday.

What day of the week was January 6th 1954?

January 6th, 1954 fell on a Wednesday.

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