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Ricky Carmichael lives in Tallahassee, Florida. He enjoys living there and in his spare time, he likes to hunt, fish, cycle, and wakeboard.

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Q: What did Ricky Carmichael do in his spare time?
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What is the birth name of Ricky Carmichael?

Ricky Carmichael's birth name is Richard Carmichael.

Whose faster Ricky Carmichael or Chad Reed?

Ricky Carmichael.

What nicknames does Ricky Carmichael go by?

Ricky Carmichael goes by RC.

Does ricky carmichael have any brothers or sisters?

Does ricky carmichael have any brothers or sisters?" Does ricky carmichael have any brothers or sisters?"

When was Ricky Carmichael born?

Ricky Carmichael was born on November 27, 1979.

What is Ricky Carmichael's birthday?

Ricky Carmichael was born on November 27, 1979.

The winningest motocross rider of all time?

ricky carmichael

Ricky Carmichael GOAT?

G.O.A.T The Greatest of All Time

Who is the all time best motocross racer?

Ricky Carmichael

Who are ricky carmichael's parents?

Rick and Jeannie Carmichael

How did Ricky Carmichael feel about homeschooled?

Ricky Carmichael did not like home schooling. Ricky Carmichael did not like anything that took him away from Motocross racing when he was growing up.

Why is Ricky Carmichael called GOAT?

Because he is the Greatest Of All Time

Where did Ricky Carmichael grow up?

Ricky Carmichael was born on Nov. 27, 1979 in Clearwater, Florida

What is Ricky Carmichael best known for?

Ricky Carmichael is a Motocross racer, who is currently racing in the NASCAR circuit. Due to his success, his given nickname is "The GOAT" which stands for The Greatest of All Time.

Who did ricky carmichael marry?

A woman now known as Ursula Carmichael.

What is the first name of Carmichael?


Where does Ricky Carmichael live?


Did Ricky Carmichael go to college?


When did Ricky Carmichael get married?

in 2002

Is ricky carmichael married?


How old is Ricky Carmichael?

Motocross racer Ricky Carmichael is 38 years old (birthdate: November 27, 1979).

Does ricky carmichael have any siblings?


Does Ricky Carmichael have a wife and kids?


What was Ricky Carmichael's favorite food?

a food

Does Ricky Carmichael have children?

Yes, twins.