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He won the Aintree Grand National 3 times. He won it in 1973, 1974 and 1977.

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Q: What did Red Rum do 3 times?
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What horse won grand national 3 times between 1972 and 1977?

Red Rum

How many wins for Red Rum?

Red Rum won 24 races in his career, most famously winning the Aintree Grand National 3 times and the Scottish Grand National once.

Who sings song that begins 'red rum red rum'?

Project Pat - Red Rum.

Was Red Rum stolen?

No, Red Rum was not stolen.

What is the only horse to of won the grand national three times?

Red Rum

What year was red rum born?

Red Rum was born in 1965

How many times did Red Rum win the Grand National?

The racehorse Red Rum won the Aintree Grand National three times, in 1973 ,1974 and 1977. He also won the Scottish Grand National in 1974. So he won 4 Grand Nationals in total.

How did Red Rum die?

Red Rum had to be put down after suffering a stroke.

Where is the red rum statue?

Red Rum has statues at Aintree Racecourse and in Southport.

Was Red Rum killed?

Red Rum had to be put down after suffering a stroke.

Who kidnapped Red Rum?

Red Rum, the famous racehorse, was never kidnapped.

What age did Red Rum die?

Red Rum died when he was 30 years old.

What colour silks did red rum have?

Red rum ran in Maroon and Yellow silks

How many races did Red Rum enter?

Red Rum ran in 100 races.

What was red rum's real name?

It was Red Rum. He was out of Mared by Quorum (maRED QuoRUM)

What is the fastest race horse in he world?

Well if you want ones that have died as well RED RUM is your answer as he won the grand national 3 times which is a world record!!!!

Has Red Rum ever entered the Epsom Derby?

No, Red Rum never ran in the Epsom Derby.

Who rode Red Rum when he was second?

Brian Fletcher rode Red Rum when he was second in the 1975 Grand National. Tommy Stack rode Red Rum when he was second in the 1976 Grand National.

When did Red Rum win his first Grand National?

Red Rum won his first Grand National in 1973.

When did Red Rum retire?

Red Rum retired in 1978, after suffering a hairline fracture. He was 13 years old.

Can rum and Red Bull kill you?

As the same with all food/drinks, if you have too much it can kill you. Especially with Red Bull and rum, because Red Bull is heavily caffeinated and rum is highly alcoholic.

What year did Red Rum win his last Grand National?

Red Rum won his last Grand National in 1977.

Does Red Rum have any sons or daughters?

Yes Red Rum has a few young stock but they are grown up now so it is quite important that we try and make more foals that are related to Red Rum.

Where is red rum buried?

Red Rum is buried at the winning post of Aintree Racecourse - The Grand National track that he became famous on.