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a ten thousand dollar check!

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Q: What did Michel Jordan win?
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Who would win at basketball Kobe Bryant or Michel Jordan?

Michel Jordan would win if he was as young as Kobe. but if Micheal was kobes age than Micheal will win by a long shot , but since Micheal isn't than it would be Kobe

Who would win 1 on 1 Larry bird or Michel Jorden?


What is Michel Jordan' s brother name is?

Jordan Michel

What were the occupations of Michel Jordan's parents?

Michel Jordan's father is a mechanic.

How many rings does Michel Jordan have?

Michel jordan has 6 rings

Who is Michel Jordan mom?

Delores Jordan is his mom

How many 40 point games did Michel Jordan scored?

Michel jordon

Did Michel Jordan get the flu?


When is Michel Jordan birthday?

Michael Jordan was born on February 17, 1963

Did Michel Jordan get drafted into NBA?


How tall is Michel Jordan?


When was Michel Jordan born?

February 17,1963

What does Michel Jordan do after he retired?

In New Jersey

What is the value of a Michel Jordan card?

it depends

How many metols did Michel phelps win?

None. Michel Phelps did not win any "metols" - why - because there is no such thing as a "metol".

What inspired Michel Jordan to play basketball?

his family

Where does Michel Jordan live?

in beaufort nc 28516

Does Michel Jordan have his own dance move?


Does Michel Jordan play for the bulls?

He did before he retired

How many career points did Michel Jordan?


What kind of music does Michel Jordan like?

bob marley

Who did Michel Jordan admire?

he admired kobe bryant's dad

How much did Michel Jordan get paid?

he get paid about 40-50G$

How many points did Michel Jordan score in his career?


Do you need special skills to be a basketball player?

you have to be michel jordan

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