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Lebron played Basketball

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Q: What did Lebron James do to make the world a better place?
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Is paul george better than lebron James?

Yes, Paul George is better than lebron James. lebron James is known as the better player in the world 'cause he had played in a very important team, but at singular level, Paul George is better.

What would give Lebron James the feeling that he is better than anyone else in the world?

because he has millions and millions and you have pocket change lebron>you

Did LeBron James do to change the world?


Who is the wealthiest basketball player in the world?

LeBron James

Who is the best world player in basketball?

lebron James

Who is the current best in the world in basketball?

LeBron James

Who is more famous kaka or LeBron James?

Kaka because he is famous all over the world and lebron in America only well i dont who"kaka" is but i know who Lebron James is ... O and lebron is known out side of the USA ...

Who are the sport icons of every sports in the world?

Lebron James

Who is more famous Mario or LeBron James?

mario because he's played all over the world, lebron james only in america (and the few who watch him on TV)

What is the name of the richest African American person in the world?

Lebron James

How did lebron James accomplishments change the world?

because he had alot of mvps

What are facts about LeBron James?

he is the best basket ball player in the world

What caused Russia to drop out of World War 1?

there was a fight going on at there own place yehyeheyheyeheyehey its right lebron james is beast dksfkjsjfs;lj

Is LeBron James a point guard?

No, Lebron James is a small forward. But he can play every position he is the best player in the world and can be the best point guard if he wants to play that position.

What would happen if maths was not invented?

the world would be a better place the world would be a better place the world would be a better place the world would be a better place

Who would win in a fight LeBron James Or Metta World Peace?

Metta World Peace Will Win

Who is the worst basketball player in the world?

Keep in mind there are no "worst" basketball players in the world, but rather players who aren't as good as others. For instance, Eric Snow is not bad, but LeBron James and others are better.

What kind of impact has LeBron James put on the world?

he played basketball really well

How would your world be different if Lebron James did not make a contributions to society?

the heat will lose

Whose more popular LeBron James or Justin bieber?

Lebron James is more popular. justin Bieber followers are girls that are simps.

What influence does LeBron James have on the world?

you cannot fully answer that because nobody has the exact same take on what influence he has on the world

What did lebron do to make the world better?

He won the NBA Championship, giving us unlimited hope of a better tomorrow.

Did Kobe Bryant dunk on LeBron James?

Nope and he never will .. unless he comes back in the next world.. LeBron would actually be the one dunkin on Kobe

What is the definition of LeBron James?

A beast, he is the best basketball player in the whole friggen world. HE IS GREAT

What has LeBron James contributed to the world?

he helped kids donate money to clubs and support america