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Q: What did Jackie Robinson feel like playing with whites?
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What did Jackie Robinson feel?

Jackie Robinson felt very excited but nervous of being the 1st African American in baseball.

How did Jackie Robinson feel in his childhood?

he felt sad

How did Jackie Robinson feel when brother Frank died?

hey man

What do you feel made Jackie Robinson so special?

Jackie Robinson was the first African American to play in Major League Baseball (MLB). He played baseball for the Dodgers.

How did Jackie Robinson feel to be the first black man to play for the Dodgers?


Who many times was Jackie Robinson married?

Jackie Robinson married Rachel Isum. Branch Rickey, the team manager felt it was important that Jackie be married, thinking that the public would accept him more quickly and the white men would not feel threatened that white women would be attracted to Robinson..rachel robinson

Why does Jackie Robinson feel that the president is crushing the spirit of freedom in African-American by urging them to have of forbearance?

beucase he did

How would Jackie Robinson feel if somebody was bullied just like him?

I think he would be dissapointed. Simple as that.

How did Jackie Robinson feel about threats?

Jackie Robinson had a strong back bone, and threats did not get under his skin easily at all. Robinson faced a lot of adversity throughout his entire life, whether it be baseball or family struggles. If he cared about threats, he would have just quit, wouldn't he?

How did Jackie Robinson feel to be the only black male to be on the baseball team?

He felt excited but he felt nervous, too. For more info, read the book TEAMMATES

Why did Tom Robinson do all those chores for Mayella?

Because he feels mighty sorry for her. (although black men aren't meant to feel sorry for whites.)

Who wrote can you feel it?

"Can You Feel It" was written by Michael Jackson and Jackie Jackson. The song was performed by The Jacksons.