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Fran Tarkenton wore #10 during his five seasons (1967-1971) with the Giants.

For home games he wore a dark blue jersey with white number 10, and white pants with red and blue stripes on the side. He wore a royal blue helmet with a grey facemask. A lower case "ny" on the side of the helmet and the number 10 in big white letters on the front and back of the helmet. There was a wide red stripe that went down the middle of the helmet, separating the 1 and the 0. For away games he wore a white jersey with blue number 10, with the same white pants. The jersey had two blue stripes around a red stripe on the sleeves. He wore high, white socks that were trimmed at the calf with blue and red stripes. Tarkenton wore black addidas football cleats.

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Q: What did Fran Tarkenton wear with the New York Giants?
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