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Dale Sr. was and always wanted to be a race car driver. At the time of his death he was still very competitive. If Dale Sr. eventually reached retirement, he probably would have spent most of his time with his racing team (DEI) and paving the way for his son, Dale Jr. to try to follow in his footsteps. Things would have been a little different for Dale Jr. if his father was still here.

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Dale Sr. made his living as a Nascar driver.

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Q: What did Dale Earnhardt Sr. want to be when he got older?
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What happened when Dale Earnhardt got killed?

He died.

What month did Dale Earnhardt Sr. and Teresa Houston get married?

Dale Sr. and Teresa got married on November 14, 1982.

What race did Dale Earnhardt Sr. fall asleep in?

In the closing laps of the 1997 Daytona 500, Dale Earnhardt flipped his car after contact with Jeff Gordon. After the wreck, got out of the car, but then got back in and drove the wrecked car to the finish.

Where can you buy the sneakers that Jay-Z wore in the 'What You Got' video when he is sitting in the Ferrari with Dale Earnhardt Jr?

the Jordan fusion 5s

What were the last words that Dale Earnhardt Sr. said to Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

It was "I didn't mean to wreck him I was just rattling his cage." This saying began back in 1996 I think I'm not sure but he said that back in that year (if it was 1996) he had wrecked Terry Labonte and sent him into the wall and that's when he said it. He said it in an interview. Every since that happened it just began as Dale Earnhardt's saying. It actually has the video on where Dale Sr. says it and it also shows the wreck too.

What did Taylor Lautner want to be when he got older?

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What turn did dale sr die in?

earnhardt died in turns 3 & 4 after the #40 of sterling marlin got him loose and he then took kenny schrader #36 earnhardt had to be cut from his wreck where he was taken by to halifax hospital where he was pronounced dead due to massive injuries to his head chest and leg. as years go by harvick took his place.

How did Dale Earnhardt Sr. pass in the grass in 1987?

There was no pass - he cut off Bill Elliott coming out of Turn Four at Charlotte, got tagged, and skated through the grass infield of the front stretch without losing control or the lead.

Who is better Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

Statistically, Jeff Gordon is. He has 90 career wins versus 22 career wins for Jr., however Dale Earnhardt Jr. has been voted the Most Popular Driver from 2003 to 2013; Gordon has never been voted Most Popular. Jeff also got rookie of the year, not JR. Sometimes it's just a matter of opinion but Jeff Gordon has 4 NASCAR Championships. Jeff Gordon has proof of being a better driver.

Who drove the number 88 car before Dale Earnhardt Jr.?

When Dale Jr. left DEI he wanted to keep the number 8. His stepmother and DEI owner Teresa Earnhardt would not allow him to take the number to Hendrick Motorsports. Therefore, Junior was left to choose from other available numbers. He then chose number 88.

Where did Dale Earnhardt Jr. attend college?

Yes, Dale Jr. attended Mitchell Community College in Statesville, NC.