What did Cy Young do?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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He played Baseball from 1890-1911.

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Q: What did Cy Young do?
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When did Cy Young die?

He played from the years 1890-1911 Click on the 'Cy Young' link on this page to see a video bio of Cy Young.

What does the Cy Young mean?

"The Cy Young" or "Cy Young Award" is an award named after the turn of the century pitching great Cy Young, given out annually to the best pitcher in both the National, and American Leagues.

What is Cy Young's birthday?

Cy Young was born on March 29, 1867.

When was Cy Young Award created?

Cy Young Award was created in 1956.

When was Cy Young - athlete - born?

Cy Young - athlete - was born in 1928.

How many children did cy young have?

Cy Young and his wife, Robba, had no children.

How many shutouts did Cy Young hit?

Cy Young had 76 career Shutouts.

How many wins did Cy Young get?

Cy Young has 511 career wins, and 316 losses.

Where was cy young born?

Cy Young was born on March 29, 1867 in Gilmore, OH

When did Cy Young's perfect game happen?

Cy Young's perfect game happened in 1904.

Was Cy Young a pitcher?

Yes Cy Young was a very very very good pitcher.

Has AJ Burnett ever won a Cy Young award?

No. AJ Burnett has not won a Cy Young Award.