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Columbus was looking for a faster trade route to "The Far East" for all the valuable goods that were being imported from there. It is a myth to say he was trying to "prove the earth was round"...navigators and other educated people had known that for a long time. He was a little off in his understanding of the distances involved, though...had the Americas not been there to get in the way, he and his crew would surely have died of thirst or starvation long before arriving at his intended destination! In fact, we sometimes call the islands of the Caribbean "the West Indies" because he thought he HAD made it to "the Indies"!

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Q: What did Columbus hope to find when he sailed from Spain?
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What land did Columbus hope to find when he sailed from Spain?

hoped to find route to china india & japan

What did Christopher Columbus hope to find when he sailed to Europe?

a new trade route to Asia

What did Cristopher Columbus hope to find when he sailed from Europe?

He hoped to find a better route to China, India and Japan.

Who discorved America?

Christopher Columbus in 1492, but there was a viking Leif Ericson that is thought (not proved) to find it in the early 1000's, Here is a little song i learned in 2nd grade: In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue' In three ships he sailed from Spain He sailed through sunshine wind and rain, etc etc. Hope this helps

Who was Italian who sailed for Spain and conquered fist land in the Americas?

Christopher Columbus..right? Tee hee, I hope I got it right :D

What country does the word america come from?

Italy, America comes from the Latin feminine form of the Amerigo. This is after Amerigo Vespucci, an explorer who sailed for Spain, and recognized the New World as something different, not as India, which was originally thought by Christopher Columbus. You can find much more on this topic by goggling his name. I hope this helps you.

Where did Columbus hope to sail when he left Spain with three ships and ninety men?

He was planning on going to Asia to find spices but instead landed in the "New World"

Did Christopher Columbus hope to find gold?


Why did the king and queen of Spain agree to sponsor the expeditions of Christopher Columbus?

Probably in the hope of gaining more overseas territory for Spain. Also for the rumoured riches that Columbus would bring back.

What did Columbus hope to find when he began his expedition in 1492?

A faster way to India for trading. He also wanted to find spices and riches that Spain found amazing at the time.

Who sailed around the Cape of Good Hope?

His name was Bartolomeu Dias and he did it around 1487.He named it the good hope cape after passing it, as before it was called The monsoons cape because of the heavy storms in that area.

Was Christopher Columbus from Italy or Spain?

Columbus was from ItalyBut, there was no such country as Italy at the time. Christopher Columbus was a citizen of the Republic of Genoa (Italian: Repubblica di Genova).