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he sat around and ate cheese puffs!

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Q: What did Babe Ruth do in hid early life?
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Do you have facts about baseball history?

babe Ruth hid a leaf under his hat

Who hid the two spies that Joshua sent to Jericho?

rahab is the name of the girl that hid the two spy's. and one cool fact is the rahab had one kid named Boaz who later on married Ruth

Where did early christians hide in rome?

They hid in what is called the 'catacombs', which are underground burial places.

What is the simple past of hide?

Hid. He hid, she hid, it hid, they hid, etc.

How many couplets make up the poem our life is hid with Christ in God?


How was Anne Frank's life during world war 2?

She hid and then was discovered.

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Some of the major advantages of the HID bulbs begin with the fact that they have up to ten times the life of halogen bulbs. They also are resistant to shock and vibration.

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No she probably hid som where else

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many withdrew their money and hid their savings at home

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I hid a dsixl in my backpack

Who helped anne frank family friends to hid?

miep got their food and risked her life for them

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Yes and no, he probally ws a real person, but hid life is exzaderated!!!

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The wattage depends on the size of the growing area. It also depends on whether HID is the main source of light or if it supplements sunlight. And it also depends on the types of plants. 150/175 watts if HID lights 2'x2' growing area, and HID and sun light 3'x3' 250 watts if HID 3'x3', HID and sun 4'x4' 400/430 watts if HID 4'x4', HID and sun 6'x6' 600 watts if HID 6'x6', HID and sun 8'x8' 1000 watts if HID 8'x8', HID and sun 10'x10'

Who invented Christmas and when?

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth. It wasn't just invented. The first people to celebrate were probaly hid disciples and early christians.

What person was Anne Frank?

anne frank was a young girl who hid from the nats and wrote a book about her life as a jew

Did Cleopatra live in the city of Alexandria Egypt her whole life?

no she left Alexandria to hid from the people who are against her father

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Miep Gies hid them.

How do you spell Hid like the hid of a cow?


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For your question, i see the ignitor means the Electronic Ballast. If you want test HID lamp electronic ballast, you can reference Lisun WT2000-HID HID Ballast Tester, this instrument is main for test HID lamp electronic ballast,

Preferred the lonely life of the forests to the ties of family?

Eos preferred the lonely life of the forests to the ties of family. He hid away from everyone so that he could be left alone.

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No, "hid" is the past tense of the verb "hide".

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They hid in an attic on top of a workplace

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The past tense of hid is hidden.

What is the present tense of hid?

The present tense of hid is hide.

Is hid a verb?

Hid is a verb, the simple past tense