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the engine has pistons when they put gas in it the pistons move up and Dow causing tiny explosions that make the car move and releases carbon monoxide gas that burn the ozone layer

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Q: What determines the way a Nascar car moves?
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What is the website when you want to design a Nascar race car?

its at, should be on the main page its called sponsifier, click the link and u should be on ur way

What determines the final firing order on a normal car engine?

The way the crankshaft is built. Which controls the order that the pistons move up and down.

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Although NASCAR means stock car racing, the cars now do not represent the car on the label on the grill. Before this "car of tomorrow" NASCAR teams were required to make a car body that kept certain dimensions of the car it was representing. Windshields had to be the same shape and angle, roof lines, hoods.. and so forth. body lines could be flattened out and lowered and other variants. Now-every car is identical in shape which has no relation to the badge on the grill.

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