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It's a pitching wedge so 46-48 degrees.

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Q: What degree is the loft for a p golf club?
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What does p mean on the head of a golf club?

This stands for Pitching wedge, a club with around 46-48 degrees of loft.

What is p wedge golf club?

pitching wedge

What does the A stand for on an A wedge golf club?

The "A" stands for "Approach". The loft is in between a pitching (P) wedge and a sand (S) wedge. Approach wedges are used for short, precise shots onto the green and are the same as Gap wedges.

How do you adjust speed on club car golf cart?

You can use IQDM-P device.

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How many different types of golf clubs are there?

There is the Driver, Irons from 1-9, Woods from 3-5, irons that have a letter on them= S (Sand Iron), P or W (Pitching Wedge), L (Loft), and two irons that are called 58 and 60. (The 58 and 60 stands for the degrees on the club. So now that I labeled all of them that means there is 18 types of golf clubs!

Why are golf clubs different lengths?

Golf clubs are different length, because longer the club the further it goes,i.e 3 iron goes further than P wedge

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