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Like any lob wedge, it can generally differ between 60, 62, or 64 degrees.

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Q: What degree is ping g15 lob wedge?
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Does nike make a lob wedge?

Yes, in there is a 60 degree lob wedge in the SV series.

What does a L stand for on a golf club wedge?

L stands for lob wedge, lob wedges have between 58 and 60 degrees of loft.

What does the HL stand for on a HL wedge golf club?

i would imagine it stands for high lob wedge since the degree is > 60 degrees.

What is the loft for a d wedge golf club?

The "A" wedge is sometimes lumped with the Gap wedge although increasingly more often they are split out for the gap to be defined as 50-54 degrees while the "A" (or approach) wedge is between 46 and 50. These have increased in popularity as manufacturers have decreased the loft of irons for the purposes of range through the 90's as more and more golfers (whether by improved skills, manufacturing techniques or "forgiveness") were able to hit short irons much more consistently.The Nike golf site lists the A wedge as a 50 degree loft and 64.5 degree lie.

What club should you use on the Backflip shot in golf?

You would have to use a lob wedge, or possibly a 64 degree.

What is a lob wedge?

A lob wedge is a golf club with a loft of about 58- 64 degrees. Some people call it a highly lofted sand wedge.

What degree lie is a standard wedge?

Pitching W 48 Gap W 52 Sand W 56 Lob W 60

Are ping eye 2 irons good?

Ping Eye 2 irons may be the best irons Ping or anyone else ever made. Mark Calcavecchia won in Montreal, June 24, 2012, using Eye 2's. Holed a lob wedge on the 16th. TV announcers said Calc was even more consistent than Mickelson with the L wedge.

What are some wedges used in golf?

Some wedges that are used in golf are the pitching wedge, the gap wedge, the sand wedge and the lob wedge. A used BNM Z4 can be found at a used car dealership or an online used car purchasing site. Some wedges that are used in golf are the pitching wedge, the gap wedge, the sand wedge and the lob wedge.

What is the loft of a Nike machspeed lob wedge?

46 degrees. the approach wedge is 50 degrees.

Do they make a lob wedge for junior golfers?

us kids golf

Did TaylorMade ever make a firesole lob wedge?