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Normally 41o, but with a variation of 1o or 2o depending on the manufacturer

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Q: What degree is a nine iron in golf?
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What is a golf club starting with the letter n?

nine iron

What is PW golf iron degree angle?

They come in different degrees. They are usually around 45º

What is the iron club equivalent to the 30 degree golf hybrid golf?

A 3 iron is usually 21 degrees and and 4 iron 24 degrees, so a strong 4 iron. Depends on manufacturer really. And also remember the shafts on hybrids are slightly longer, perhaps by an inch which means the ball goes further.

In which sport would you use a 'sand iron?

A "sand Iron" is a golf club (iron) designed to hit a golf ball out of a sand trap or bunker.

In golf what is the old name for an 8-iron golf club?

a nibley can be a 7 - 9 iron.

In which sport might you use a 5 iron?

A 5 Iron, or middle iron, is generally used for an average distance 170 yards for an average golfer.

In which sport would you use a'sand iron'?

A "sand wedge" is used in the sport of golf.

What is the last nine holes of golf called?

back nine

What is a golf hybrid used for?

to replace a 3 iron or 4 iron

What is the sport the term Iron associated with?

An iron is a type of golf club.

How is a nine iron different from a three iron?

The clubs are lofted differently. Loft refers to the backward slant of the face of a golf club. The greater the loft, the higher the arc of the shot it produces and the shorter the distance. The three iron is designed for a distance of about 190 yards. (Actual distances vary depending upon the skill of the player.) A four iron is good for 180 yards, etc. So, the nine iron is good for shots of about 130 yards.

Where can you play golf?

Golf is played in a golf course. A typical golf course has 18 holes, however, smaller golf courses have 9 holes as well. Championship level golf courses are known to have even 27 or 36 separate holes.