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bachelour in science and a masters degree in German

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Does ESPN cover the most sports news?

Yes, it is the world leading brodcaster of sports.

Do you need a degree in sports management to coach a sports team?

Yes u do need a certain degree to coach soccer.

What education do you need to become a sportscaster?

I think you need a degree in sports.

What do you need to major in to become a sports agent?

you should major in sports management and then go to law school. you dnt need a sports management degree and u dnt need a law degree..basically anythin in business is fine

What degree do you need to have to become an sports psychologists?


What type of degree does an owner of a sports store need to start a sports store?


What degree do you need to own a sports complex?

No degree is necessary, only the cash to purchase it.

What do you need to study to get a sports science degree?

in dont know

Do you need a degree to be a sports reporter?

Yes. MAybe Bachelor's degree (BA or BS) required.

How many college years are needed to be a Sports Physician?

you need a bachelors degree and a pre med degree

What college degree do you need to become an NBA scout?

Sports management

What kind of degree do you need to be a sports official?

about the same as jamie holt

What kind of degree do you need to become a sports medicine Dr.?

You would need a medical degree. how long dose it take and what kind of classes do you need to take

Do you need a Masters to become a sports publicist?

Greetings, You do not need a degree to become a sports publicist. However a degree is recommended; communications, marketing, public relations, sports management, even psychology. I am a sports publicist who has returned to school to acquire a MBA because I want to become an on-line adjunct professor, earning a PhD. A doctoral degree is great for becoming a sports industry consultant. Hoping this helps.

What kind of education do a sports broadcaster?

you need to have at least a bachelors degree in broadcasting

What kind of degree do you need in order to become a basketball player?

Bachelor of sports

What degree requirements do you need to become a sports analyst?


What kind of degree do you need to work with sports?

none you idiot you just need to know how to play the sport duhhh

How much education does a radio brodcaster need?

There are broadcasting schools that are trade schools in a lot of metropolitan areas, however most radio positions require experience. The path a lot of radio broadcasters make are getting their degree in Communication or a related field (i.e. Bachelor's Degree) and then working as an intern at the college/university that they are attending to gain experience.

What kind of college degree do you need to be a college basketball coach?

None,you can be in sports but you would have to be really good in academics. If you have bad academics you could be kicked out of school. That's why you don't have to have a college degree to be in sports.

Must I be good at math to get a sports marketing degree?

I highly doubt if you need to be good in math to have a sports marketing degree. Here is a site that can help out in explaining:

What degree is needed for equine sports medicine?

You would need to have a degree in veterinary medicine, and probably a board certification in equine medicine as well.

What education does a NBA player need to qualify to play?

A degree in sports and have to go to traing camp.

Do you need a doctor degree for sports rehabilitation and sports therapy sports medicine?

yes you do. what you need for sports medicine is a 6 year doctors degree in a sports medicine related field, such as athletic training. Once you complete that then you can sit for your boards test and become a certified. The more experience you have the better chances you have at getting a great job. Sports medicine is a highly competitive field. If you really want to be one, study hard

How to become a sports agent without a background or degree in sports management?

In order to become a sports agent without a degree in sports managment you would have to have some sort of in with a company. Most companies require a degree.