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Thursday 9-10-09

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โˆ™ 2009-07-20 17:11:55
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Q: What day will the first game of NFL 2009 season be on?
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How old is the NFL?

The 2009 season with be the NFL's 90th. Their first season was 1920.

When did the NFL change from a fourteen game season to a sixteen game season?

The first 16 game regular season was in 1978.

When will the NFL 2009 season begin?

The 2009 NFL season will begin on Thursday September 10th

When is the first game of the NFL?

Thursday September 10, 2009

Has there ever been a score of 12-11 in a NFL game?

Not in a regular season game or playoff game through 2009.

When did the nfl change 14 game season?

1978 was the first year of the 16-game schedule

What is the average number of first downs in a NFL game?

In the 2007 NFL season, there was an average of 37.2 first downs in an NFL game. In 2006, that average was 36.8 and in 2005, that average was also 36.8.

What is the average score for one team in an NFL game?

For the 2007 NFL season, that was 21.7 points per game. For the 2006 NFL season, 20.7 points per game and for the 2005 NFL season, 20.6 points per game.

Who did the vikings play their last game 2009 regular football season?

The last game that the Vikings played in the 2009 NFL season was a win 44-7 at home against the New York Giants.

How long have The Houstin Texans been in the NFL?

The 2009 season with be the Texans' 8th season in the NFL.

Are there any NFL games in March 2009?

No, there are no NFL games ischeduled for March of 2009. The NFL does not play any games in the month of March. The last game of the 2008-2009 season is the 2009 Pro Bowl in Honolulu Hawai'i. The Pro Bowl is scheduled for February 8, 2009, a week after Super Bowl XLIII. The 2009-2010 season usually begins with the NFL Draft in April, followed by a few mini camps and then training camp, which usually starts in late July. Pre-Season games usually start in the first week of August.

Who caught ben roethlisberger's first nfl pass in a regular season game?


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