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there are sports everyday

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Q: What day of the year is there no sports?
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What 1 day of the year is there no professional sports played?


What is the date us international sports day?

Us International Sports day Is Celebrated On April 6th Of Every Year...........

What day of the year is there no professional sports?

There's always training.

How many day out of the year are sports played?

Mostly 2

What day is world's sports day?

World Sport Day starts in London this year on June, 25 2012.

In which year is national sports day in India first time?


On what days of the year are there no televised sports events?

The day before and the day after the MLB All-Star Game

What is National Sports day in Lesotho?

Nation sports day is the day of sports nationally speaking.

What is the difference between sports day and sports meet?

sports meet is when they discuss how the day is going to run while sports meet is the actual day

2 days of year without sports?

It's the day before and the day after professional baseball's All-Star game.

What only 2 days of the year with no pro sports games?

The day before and the day after MLB's All-Star game.

What are some things you can get a 13 year old boy for Valentine's Day?

Most 13 year old boys are into video games or sports so either get him a sports video game or tickets to see his favorite sports team in action

Vote of thanks for sports day?

vote of thanks on sports day chief guest sports man

What are the only two days no sports on tv of the year pros or college?

Day before and day after MLB all star game.

Why is sports day once a year?

any more than that we'd want it more often

When is Kingsmead Primary Schools sports day?

i as i parent know that is on tuesday 18th july this year

Why is sports day so important?

Many, many, MANY people in this world love the heck out of sports. Just like Presidents' Day is to honor presidents, sports' day is to honor sports :)

Can You give me a slogan for sports day?

sports day a yah so nice

When is sports day in 2009?

If you are referring to your school sports day, that is unanswerable. My personal sports day was on the last Thursday of half-term, if that helps you in any way.

If this years sports day will take place on the 5th of July what date will it be 362 days after next year is not a leap year?

3rd July

What time does sports direct stores open on New Year's Day?

havent you heard it closing doon

What is the history of worlds sports day?

History of sports day is when people come out and play

What does annual sports meet mean?

Sports day

What year were water sports started in the Olympics?

During the first modern Olympic games that was held in the year 1896 in Athens, Greece. It was a hot day that day and that is when the first lemonade stand existed as well.

When is the first sports day?

Sports Day was held on October 10, 1966

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