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Thursday and Saturday

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Q: What day of the week do college football games play on TV?
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How many pro football games play a week on cable TV?

there are about 16 games on the tv every week

Why 17 weeks in a football season?

There are 16 games that a team plays and 1 week when they do not play

What is a buy week in football?

A bye week is a week in which a team does not play a game (does not have to be football)

What games do the Powerpuff Girls play?

well at my school , we have spirit week, & it is counting toward points, its where the girls play football or flag football & the guys, lets just say they are cheerleaders ;]

How many games does a college football team play in a season?

16 weeks, including conference championships. Most teams will be finished by week 15. Teams typically play 12 regular season games, plus a conference championship game if applicable, and if chosen a bowl game.

How many games per week should middle school football play?

Middle school football teams should play one game a week. Two if necessary.If playing two games a week, the days should probably be Tuesday and Thursday or Tuesday and Friday.I believe that it should be one game a week. That way you will have enough time to improve before you go into another game.

How many teams were undefeated entering week 9 in college football?


When is the next football game?

The 2014 NFL Preseason started on August 7, with the first regular season game on September 4. NFL games are typically played on Thursdays and Sundays. College football begins on Wednesday August 27. The majority of college games are played on Saturday, but games can be played at any night of the week once the season gets going.

What is a list of scoreless NFL football games?

3 games. seahawks in week 2. raiders in week 7 and redskins in week 8

What is Fantasy Football Bye Week?

In the NFL, a 'bye' is a week when the team does not play. There are 17 weeks in an NFL regular season although teams only play 16 regular season games. Each team has one week during the regular season when they do not play. This week is called the team's 'bye week'. What he said xp

How many games does an nhl team play per week?

1-3 games a week

Where can someone find information on the Harmon Forecast?

One can find information on the Harmon Forecast on the CBS Sports website. It is a forecast that predicts the outcome of college football games each week.