What day did the 2010 Vancouver Olympics start?

Updated: 8/18/2019
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The 2010 Vancouver Olympics started on February 12, 2010.

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Q: What day did the 2010 Vancouver Olympics start?
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What day of the Olympics is it?

The Olympics of 2010 are in Vancouver and are on the 12th of feb.

What time does the 2010 Vancouver Olympics start?

opening ceremonies started 6pm PST 12 February 2010. some ski jump qualifying started earlier that day (10am) the rest of events start morning of 13 February 2010

What day will the Olympics start?

Feb.12 2010

When do the Olympics start in 2010?

it started on the same day as poo day

When is the 2010 winter Olympics?

The 2010 Winter Olympics was on February 12th through the 28th. See: for more information.

What day is the Olympics over?

Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010 is the last day of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games. (*cry*) They have the game of Canada against USA in hockey on that day. (today) and also they have the closing ceremony later on.

What is the last day of the winter Olympics in Vancouver?

March 1st is the day of the closing ceremony. boohoo! LOL

When does the winter Olympics take place?

It's taking place right now and ends on March 1, 2010 which is the day they will have a closing ceremony. their in Vancouver, Canada.Do uyou mean where does the winter Olympics take place xause it takes place in vancover.

What day is the olympcs?

The Olympics are in February 15th, 2010

What day does the 2010 Olympics sart?

They started in February

Why do you think that Vancouver is a better host city?

I think Vancouver is a better host city because Vancouver has really earned the chance to host the Winter Olympics. Canada has hosted the Olympic Games three times including the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Now Canada has the chance to show the rest of the world what their made of and they really showed them over that 17 day period. With 14 Golds, 7 Silvers, and 5 Bronze, Canada broke two world records. 1: for Most Golds in their home country (Canada) 2: for Most Golds won at the Winter Olympics Hope you enjoyed my answer!!

What day do the Beijing Olympics start?

They start August 8th, 2008.