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He hasn't hit the 25000 mark yet. He is at 24,930.

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Q: What day did Kobe Bryant score 25000 points?
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Is Kobe Bryant the youngest player to score 25000 points?

Yes Kobe Bryant is the youngest player in the NBA to score 25000 points.

How many points did Kobe Bryant's dad score in his career?

Kobe Bryant's dad, Joe 'Jellybean' Bryant, scored 5252 points during his career.

Quickest player to score 24000 points in NBA history?

Kobe Bryant

Who was the youngest NBA player to score 40 points?

Kobe Bryant Lakers

What year did Kobe score 81?

January 22nd 2006 Kobe Bryant scored 81 points.

Kobe Bryant holds the franchise recored of most points scored in a season How many points did he score?


What is the highest score in an NBA game?

Kobe Bryant with 81 points against the huston rockets

As of 01-21-10 how many points has Kobe Bryant scored in his NBA career?

24981 points just broke 25000 on 1/21/2010

Who made the most points in Laker history?

Kobe bryant 81 points

What was Kobe Bryant's average score per game in 2008?

How many 50 point game loses did Michael Jordan? ... How many points does Kobe Bryant average in 2008-2009? What is Kobe Bryant's high score in a single ...

How many points does Kobe Bryant have after the game at menphis today 2 fevrier 2010?

Kobe Bryant have 25278 points now

How many points did Kobe Bryant score in 2007?

What season 2006-2007 or 2007-2008